One Raspberry 4 in a big house

Dear community,
I am using Hassio on my Raspberry 4. I have a zigbee stick on it but the range isn’t enough to link my Home Assistant to all my sensors. Is there a way to solve this issue which is not too costly?

Mains-line repeaters. Smart plugs, sockets, light switches, etc. They will increase the range and stability of your mesh.

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Hi @code-in-progress, thanks!
Do you have example? By repeating the wifi signal, does it cover also my zigbee devices? Shall I buy dedicated zigbee repeaters?

No. WiFi != Zigbee

Typically, non-battery-powered ZigBee devices also serve as repeaters. So if you install a ZigBee bulb or ZigBee plug-in switch module, it will act as a repeater.

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I mostly have battery powered devices such as the mi door sensor. Maybe I should buy a zigbee bulb.

Honestly, you’d be better off with a smart plug. Most bulbs are often horrible repeaters and can cause more harm than good. Smart plugs (Samsung, Innr, Centralite, etc) or smart outlets are usually the best for repeating. You could also get yourself some small Ikea Signal Repeaters, but they aren’t that great for range due to their small size. But, they are cheap so you could place a bunch of them all over the house.