One Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and multiple Home Assistant Instances?

Currently I am running my HA one RPI4 with ZHA. As Zigbee Bridge I am using a Sonoff Zigbee Bridge (flashed with Tasmota). Works fine!
On the weekend I am starting to setup a second HA on my “new” (its a used one) Intel NUC. On the long run my purpose is to switch my complete setup from the RPI to NUC with a fresh install (no snapshot install!). In the past I made some conceptual mistakes with naming, configurations, etc I want to get rid in a fresh new setup. I will setup step wise the new HA instance until everything is integrated and then I will change in one shot to the new instance and shutdown the HA on the RPI. All of my existing integrations can be setup on my second HA instance (NUC) without interfering the HA installed on the RPI, but I am not sure about ZHA.

Is it possible to use one Zigbee Bridge with two separate HA-instances which are running each ZHA?

And if yes, how can I add the Zigbee Devices into the ZHA of the HA running on the new NUC instance without interfering with the ZHA on the RPI?