One time HA saved me was when

Looking for other stories of HA/Smart home coming to the rescue after the ordeal I just had these past 24 hours.

We left our house 11:00AM yesterday, everything fine. This is our first vacation where we are leaving an animal (cat) at home. Its also supposed to be the coldest next couple of days this year (-10 to -20 F) coincidentally.

At the hotel about 6:00PM I decide to check companion app. I see heater is set to 67, but air temp says 57. That cant be right I think. Check other sensors in house, see the same thing, gradual decline in temp.

Long story short, had couple neighbors come over to verify furnace wasn’t working. Got a tech out there this morning (again thanks to HA I could open garage for them), and they fixed the issue.

Without HA, we would have assumed home was being heated and wouldent have known anything until neighbor came over to check on the cat. Which by that time, with these temps, could have put the cat in some danger or caused burst pipes.

And now of course, I am in process of adding in new logic to send me alerts if the temp ever drops below a certain point; cause if I hadnt actively checked myself, I wouldent have known either.



Thanks for the reminder.

I started setting up notifications for low house temps a couple of weeks ago and never finished.

All done now.

Hopefully I won’t need it. :cold_face:

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Donot want to scare you but had a similar situation 2y ago and at the same (!) time the network dropped.
Without neighbors…i.e. PEOPLE…one is lost and frankly I like being connected to people too :slight_smile:

HA notified me of a flood sensor that went on when we were out of town. Sent someone over to confirm (disabled the alarm system for them remotely from HA companion app). They confirmed water in the basement :frowning_face:. The cause was a huge rain storm that overwhelmed our outside drainage system and caused the water to backup.

Came home immediately to clear the drainage and cleanup the mess in the basement.

A carbon monoxide sensor literally saved our lives when the gas furnace flue pipe collapsed while we were sleeping. :scream:
I woke when I heard the CO alarm and it was pretty intense after that but everything turned out fine.

A lot of my sensors are for property/personal protection: water, temp, smoke/fire, natural gas, CO, door/window, etc. I’m very happy to be notified when things are not right (understatement).

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Oh yeah, definitely still need the people.