One week in... Lots of configuration questions/problems!

I really like homeassistant, but some of the things that the web gui does are a bit annoying. I made a list, maybe others are having the same problem.

I have a door sensor that is only ever briefly open. When I watch the console I see all of the right messages, and even when I configure an activity for opening and closing the door everything works. But debugging this is a pain, because the logbook view seems to miss out on some of the events showing in the console (same hh:mm maybe?), and if I click on the device name the graph it shows me is really too small for me to see time periods - you only open a door for a few seconds. It’s impossible to see what is happening. Ugh.

Also the logbook view doesn’t have a refresh button, and re-selecting the current data doesn’t do a refresh, and switching to another view and back again loses the date you chose. It’s frustrating.

Can I turn the map off? I have the sun provider in my config, but I don’t need a map. I couldn’t see where to disable it.

I thought of another one - I can’t get firefox to save the password in my browser - is there a way to do this, like having a dummy hidden username somewhere?