One Z-wave device timeouts when sending lots of messages in a short timespan


Every time I’m sending lots of commands at once (for example turning multiple lights at once on or just turning single light on or off very fast), there is a high chance one of the devices will throw Dropping command, expected response not received after 1 attempt(s) error. And since it seems like Z-wave network can only handle one command at a time, this error consequently completely backs up the network (I can’t turn on any lights until this timeout is resolved).

  • Controller is Aeotec Stick Gen 5 that is roughly in the center of the apartment. Stick is plugged into repurposed PC running Linux and hass/openzwave-qt via Docker (directly, no supervisor).
  • I have pretty small apartment (No device is more than 6m and 2 walls away from the Z-stick)
  • Network works perfectly well when sending commands one at a time (instant responses)
  • All devices are latest gen Aeotec and Fibaro devices (so all have Z-wave plus and presumably have best available Z-wave chips?)
  • All devices are paired as non-secure (pairing them securely exacerbates the issue since even more packets have to be sent)
  • There is fairly big density of various mains devices throughout the apartment (so all messages are bouncing between multiple devices, for better or for worse)
  • This happened with both old Z-wave integration and new beta ozw integration.

Is this just the reality of the Z-wave protocol or it’s something wrong with my network?