One Z-Wave stick, two Z-Wave hubs


I’m not sure how, but I endup in situation where I have two listed hubs in Z-Wave Integration. But I have just one Z-wave stick. Both has same devices (I have 4 currently, one offline), but existing entities are split between those two.

The most “funny” part is, that if I reload one of the hub, some entities “migrate” from one to another. After reload of the top one:

And after reload of the bottom one I’m back in situation from the first picture.
I tried to remove one of the hub via remove button which removed it in a way it was visible on top with meesage to set it up, but in a while second hub start looks like removed as well so both looks like they need to be set up. When I start to setup one of them, I haven’t confirmed configuration, but in a while both started to be set up with previous configuration and Z-wave networks works…
I’m not sure it is related, but in the error logs I see messages like follows

Please any clue what’s going on and how to fix it?
I’m quite new with HA so I’m sorry if I’m a bit off. Thank you!

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Go to settings > devices > click on the Z-Wave Logo > click on configure(NASTAVIT). Do both hubs have the same information listed under diagnostics?

If so I would make a backup then just delete the integration with the least amount of entities. Once you delete the other hub try restarting home assistant to see if that fixes your issue.

Thank you very much for helping @cornellrwilliams !

I checked the configuration and it was completely same. So I deleted one of the hub and restarted HA. Unfortunatelly I lost all entities from that hub and HA reports there is “discovered” zwave_js and that I can set it up even though I already have one another hub with same information. Anyway I was quite curageous ( :slight_smile: ) and deleted even the second hub and then restarted HA. Then on Z-Wave integration I saw only one detection of zwave_js to set up. I did it and now I have only one hub. The problem was that there were missing all entities from the first deleted hub. But then I realized those missing were just the ones from the offline devices and duplicities which was made by the dual hubs. So I just make sure I’m using correct entities, bring all offline devices online and now it seems everything is as it should be.

Thank you very much once more!