#OneMeter problems :-(

I bought a very cool sensor #OneMeter (onemeter.com) that works very well with my electricity meter and smartphone on Android.

On Android smartphone everything works beautifully, but unfortunately I can’t pair with my computer.

Someone has #OneMeter device and knows how to connect it to Home Assistant?

I have a Bluetooth LE receiver plugged into my computer by USB and finds OneMeter without any problem, but I can’t pair this device on Windows. I can’t pair on my Android phone either, but the original application can find the OneMeter without any problems and works fine.

my configuration: Windows 10, 64-bit, last version of HA

Somebody can help me?

This is the wrong forum :wink: This is a home assistant forum, you need to ask this in the Domoticz forum

That’s right, of course I mean about HA, because I tested different home automation services. Thank you I re-edited my post above for HA.

My question is still actuall for HA of course :slight_smile:

There is no integration written for home assistant.

The device communicates using encrypted BLE to a smartphone.

There is no public API so it looks like you might have to create some web scrape sensors for the device’s cloud web page.

I asked #OneMeter for support and API, but unfortunately no answer :frowning:

I would like to make a local connection directly from sensor to computer (without reading from the cloud).

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Have you seen this: https://onemeter.com/blog/onemeter-on-home-assistant/

The article guides you on how to integrate OneMeter with Home Assistant through the OneMeter API.

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Nice that they posted a solution but it is cloud based. And…


Just leaving here a note, as I have been in contact with Onemeter recently.

They had in the plans for a while to release a local MQTT solution but it is still work in progress.

They told me this in an email:

when are you planning to release a local MQTT solution for the Gateway?

It depends on clients’ needs. For now we haven’t registered a high demand of this feature. I think the perspective of Q2/Q3 2022 is reasonable.

So if anybody interested in the local MQTT setup through their Gateway, just drop a message to them through their contact for.

Otherwise they are just extending their market to the Czech Republic and Germany according to a recent post on their Facebook page:



I have bought such a device too… the integration into HA is working fine so fare. I have modifier the solution from “onemeter” website a bit in case a value doesn’t exist


My problem is that the “current power usage” is always zero.


There are many things in the app what works weirdly. That is one of those. I cannot remember seeing that value changing from 0 to anything else.
But my guess would be that you need a meter which supports that or an Enterprise unit to use the DSR Mode. For current power usage I assume you would need the 1 minute readout.

I don’t have the device anymore. I did send it back and bought one of these

frient Electricity Meter Interface

that one gives me the current power usage and the consumption

I have connected if with deCONZ and a Conbee II stick.

I have one of those as well, but my preference is the Onemeter one as I use it with a PV installation.

I wanted to modify the frient one to work with my gas meter, but I haven’t sorted out yet the reed or magnetic sensor and the connector wiring.