Onkyo Receiver Disconnect

After a period time (on the order of months) my Onkyo receiver stops responding to requests. The problem is: the issue is on the receiver side. No amount of coaxing will get the API to reconnect to the receiver. A power cycle (full power cycle via unplugging rather than the power button on the receiver) is the only thing that works. Currently the onkyo component will not reconnect so hass also must be restarted.

Since the issue appears to be on the side of the receiver, I don’t see a good solution. I suppose I should add reconnect functionality to the component regardless.

Has anyone else seen similar issues with their Onkyo receiver?

I don’t have an Onkyo - however using a Denon which is experiencing similar issues.

It get tetchy until it eventually just falls over and the API / Internet Radio / Network connectivity just stops working. My older Denon is just fine however! Have you tried contacting Onkyo to see if a fix can be engineered / or is available?

Hmm, well I’m upgrading to the latest firmware now. Hopefully the issue fixes itself and this just ends up as a reminder for someone to update their shit. :slight_smile:

The long period between incidents means I likely won’t be sure this is still an issue for a while. The trick is to wait till people are over, so I have an audience watching me flail around and wonder why everything is broken (like always). >_<

Glad you resolved it! I think mine is partly caused by being polled by various devices. Going to cut back to just home assistant now and see how that goes.