Onkyo receiver support - commands

I have connected Onkyo Receiver to the HA
But currently it only sees it as a media player. No other controls can be seen. Is there anyway to introduce them?

For example in OpenHab i can write a simple rule that when it’s after 21:00 and we intiate the Watch the movie command receiver will start up with the option for late night = on and audyssey dynamic EQ set to high.

If you’ve configured the receiver with a source list you can access the available inputs along with volume in the ‘more info’ dialog by clicking the dots in the lower right of the media player card.

audyssey dynamic EQ set to high

Changing audio profiles is not currently supported. PRs welcome!

late night = on

What would that do in the context of a receiver?

Late night is a dynamic range compression which helps not to wake up the kids during intense scenes.
Well guess i can still do that from the command line via the eiscp python. Pity don’t have programming skills to submit a PR

if it can be done via eiscp it could be added as a feature in HA. A hacky solution is to add a command line switch. I hate doing that, but would be able to be added to automations.

A better solution would be to add an escip command service to the Onkyo receiver component, that would let us better cover less common cases like audio/video modes.

But it looks like a media player interface is not a best option to add a whole lot of choices. Can a component have two interfaces?