Onkyo - Useful card in front end

Has anyone managed to make a useful a and good looking card for the frond end?
The default one is pretty useless, it has a power on-off and the name, but no source or volume control with visible numbers or anything smart.

This is pretty boring and not too useful:

The source selection and volume controls are in the menu. I agree that it is pretty boring, but I do find it useful.

Maybe new LOVELACE UI you can make image with source button on it

You can build a smart one using picture-elements in 0.74 pretty smart. Or you can try building a custom card as it’s not that complicated.

0.73.1 is the latest for me, when will 0.74 come?

I think beta 0 just came out. I think in maximum 2 weeks.

I believe controlling the av receiver separately is not worth the trouble so just made a simple input select for different uses.


Each input select calls out a script which checks for time of the day and depending on that sets a different volume level, audyssey settings e.t.c. Script also includes controls the projector so if input select is set to Movie it switches on automatically.
So basically it looks like this on the front end. Second input select is for the radio station


If the receiver comes on than another card is also displayed with some extra controlls. Like kodi media_player, receiver volume and different listening settings.


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