Onkyo Volume Slider setting volume incorrectly

Hi everyone, new to using HASS but slowly getting to grips with it.

My volume slider on the Pioneer Receiver does not set the volume past -42.0. It believes that 42.0 is 100%.

Could someone point me in the right direction to configure this volume slider correctly.


Do you have volume limit set on receiver?
What is result when turn to 0% in hass?

What model receiver?
Should you use pioneer component instead?

Hi mate,

No no volume limit on the receiver.
It doesnt get picked up by the legacy pioneer connector.

0% work perfectly and takes me to -80.00 but as I mentioned before 100% takes me to 42.

Any ideas on how to create a custom slider or edit the preferences?

There is a new onkyo-eiscp release. So wonder if someone with skills in pull requests can create one

I also have this problem with my Pioneer VSX-1131.

The issue is that the Onkyo volume range is 1 to 80 - but my Pio volume range is 0 to 164.

I’m not sure if this is likely to be addressed in a new version of onkyo-eiscp - but it wouldn’t be difficult to address with a pull request in the HASS Onkyo platform.

I’ve worked around it (it seems to work OK) with a custom component (just a slightly modified copy of the onkyo platform) which changes the volume calculations on lines 128 and 171 to divide/multiply by 164 instead of 80.

Sorry I take that back - this seems to display the volume OK - but


doesn’t correctly set high volumes :disappointed:

Hi arch,

Where did you find the original component?
you can probably guess I have been searching for this information as I am a noob to HASS.

I have also installed the new onkyo-eiscp and am using that with HA-BRIDGE to perform other operations.
I was actually about to write a script to change the volume correctly as well.
But if you could point me in the right direction to the original component location when HASS is installed with the all in one PI installer then I will use your work around.



It may depend in your setup - but for me it lives here:


and of course you’ll find the latest version at:


onkyo-eiscp sets the volume up to 164 fine (which is why I thought my component was working) - maybe it is a version thing…?

I am just using a command line with HA-BRIDGE for dim.
If you manually install the new version of the onkyo-eiscp it opens up complete control :slight_smile:

I wonder if we can just upgrade the component in some way?

It seems it is a problem with the older version of onkyo-eiscp. I just compared what happens when you attempt to change volume with different versions using:

onkyo --host volume=100

v.1.2.4 (latest version) - sets the volume as expected
v.1.1 (homeassistant version) - gives an error

Fortunately, I see from the commit below, that moskovskiy82’s wish for an upgrade is to be granted imminently!


I have a Pioneer VSX-831 and it’s now working correctly for the latest version of Home Assistant. If I put the volume slider to 100% my amp just goes to -42.0.

Is there a fix?

Just found the fix for this.
Copy the original component Onkyo.py to your custom_components/media_player folder. if you don’t have a custom_components folder just create one in the same folder as your configuration.yaml folder, then create a folder in that called media_player then place the onkyo.py in that. Then rename it to Onkyo_2018.py.

Open the file with notepad ++ or something you prefer. Replace all findings of 80 with 124, this will make the max volume -20. Increase from 124 if you need to but I find that sufficient.

Next open you configuration.yaml file and then where you have the -platform: Onkyo replace it with -platform: onkyo_2018

And hey presto :slight_smile: I am going to work on the component to figure out the model and change the range accordingly. But for now that should sort everyone’s problems out :slight_smile: also work with Alexa and google home well when emulated hue is active :slight_smile:

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Onkyo 676 has max volume 100
When I use the original onkyo.py with 80, volume set 60 will be 48, 50 will be 40 and so on.

Thanks to this thread I could finally fix this bug and now when I set 50 it becames 50. :slight_smile:

Too bad, every update revert the original max vol 80 and I have to fix it manually again.

edit.: Setting max volume in Onkyos setting does not affect it, and it is still buggy after an update.