Only turn on binary light if group or area brightness is upper than a threshold


I have mostly dimmable lights at home except one light which is a binary light in ESPHome.
This light is in my living room light group and area.
When I set the brightness of the group or the area to 1% this binary light is turned on which makes it way brighter than only 1%

Does any one have an idea on how to set this light to turn on only if the brightness of the group or the area is greater than for exemple 70% ?

It depends. Are the lights all seperate entities and you defined them as a group in HA? Are all the lights part of the esp board with the binary light? Did you look at the documentation? “If” some “condition” “then” turn on a light sounds just like an automation.

Yes and I am able to have the light turn on above a certain threshold, but that means that if I only turn on the light without setting the brightness, it may not turn on, and also it may say that it is turned on even though it isn’t.
I cannot set the status as off below the threshold or set it to max when turned on because it would defeat the purpose.
Maybe there is something in the groups in HA that allows this kind of things?