Only works on Wi-fi

I haven’t had the iOS app running in a while as it only connects on Wi-fi. I’m pretty sure, although I’ll have to check, that it works when I’m on Wi-fi outside of my network.

When it isn’t connecting with the app, it is connecting just through a browser with the same details.

Any advice?

You have port 443 forwarded to port 8123 on your HA machine in your router?

I’m running Caddy as reverse proxy etc.
As I said, same details from web browser works, which would cancel out basic forwarding issues.

This is still happening to me…
iOS app works on Wi-fi (even outside of network) but doesn’t over cellular.
At the same time, just going to a web browser over cellular does work! So it’s the app being freaky rather than any network setup I have .

Any clues?

My guess is your cellular provider is blocking or modifying the connection. There’s a new log export function in the 2.0 beta (coming soon) which will shed more light for you and me.

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