OnlyOffice integration


I couldn’t find anything to suggest that it’s currently possible to integrate onlyoffice into the Home Assistant, but it would be welcome.

Onlyoffice is a free collaborative online office suite:

What is a use case?

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+1, completely irrelevant I think ! HA is not a computer !

My only though is it could be used to export the shopping list or something, or export logbook.

It’s office. You can use it for everything you use office for. You just don’t need to install it on your PCs and you can use it from anywhere.

If you only use office to export your shopping list from somewhere else, than yes, that would be the only use case for you.

Not a really good idea, sorry. :slight_smile: But before that sounds rude, let me explain a little, why I personally think, this isn’t a good idea.

First and foremost, what should an OnlyOffice integration do? Let you open a document and edit it? That is something OO can already do. Or seeing how many documents you have worked on? Either way, there is nothing, where OO would benefit from an integration into HA and vice versa. OO is already something, that is doing its stuff online, so why connect it to another online platform, that has nothing to do with the field of work?

There is literally nothing, that HA could do, to ease your user experience with OO.

And the next thing, I doubt you have done an install of OO for yourself. Have you checked the system requirements of OO? OO needs more than double the power, than an average HA installation does, meaning the installation of OO would lead to a much bigger server, an RPi, even the Pi4, is not suitable for an OO installation, ask me how I know…

System requirements

  • CPU dual core 2 GHz or better
  • RAM 4 GB or more
  • HDD at least 40 GB of free space
  • SWAP at least 4 GB, but depends of the host OS. More is better
  • OS amd64 Linux distribution with kernel version 3.10 or later
  • Additional requirements
    • Docker any version supported by Docker team

(via OO webpage)

That being said, there are online platforms out there, that work quite good and reasonably with OO, Nextcloud for example. And there it would be located correctly, in an online suite, where you have collaboration tools, and work with documents of all kind. Nextcloud offers an integration into HA btw.

Just to note: I have OO running together with my Nextcloud server, and it is quite a nice experience to work with. But in more than two years of use, I never needed just one thing from HA for OO or vice versa. They simply do totally different things, and the only thing I could see as useful, is to check, if I’m still working. But for that, one needs a sensor on the local machine, not in the office package.

Even the afore mentioned “lists” could be easily worked on with OO, but there is no integration needed, an export functionality would be much easier and more straight forward.

I’m sorry, imho this is not a FR that should be fullfilled. But I might be wrong, so let’s see, if others think it might be useful. But nonetheless, thanks for taking the time to open a discussion about this. :+1: Every idea should be discussed, and if found useful, taken into an official feature request.

I am also not seeing a valid use case for this.
Although I would really see a need to have an integrated “To Do” list as I often would like to keep track of items that I want to work on. Many of them from ideas/suggestions found on this board. Just something as simple as a subject line and a place for a URL.
You could have a “Done” section where it would serve as a reference of where the idea came from so that I ca refer back.
There is a work around by keeping a text file on the server, but an integrated solution would be great

Since you originally posted, what was your use case for requesting it?

OnlyOffice selfhosted document server could provide some sensors such as versions, current license status and server commands?

I’m currently trying to readout license status and drop license whenever it reach 10 (since that is the max users for homeserver edition). Haven’t figured out how to build a POST sensor out of the API documentation…

This would make a perfect enhancement for the seafile addon.
OnlyOffice is natively supported on SF but has to be installed additionally.

For now - i cant edit my office files directly inside of my cloud, which is very inconvenient!