Onvif based motion sensor


I have a Reolink RLC-410 POE camera. I have configured for ONVIF based video and all is well.

I want to set up the ONVIF based motion sensor, but am unsure how.

Using ONVIF Device Manager I know my motion topic is:


How do I now use this?

As a test I added this to “Listen to events”, assuming I would see a trigger on motion, but nothing occurred.

Ultimately I want to use this even in a node-red flow.

Any kicks in the right direction will be well received!


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Did you manage to do this?
These I am looking for information on how to pull a motion on ONVIF from Reolink 410W.

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I couldn’t work this out so used the custom integration via HACS.

I also use it. But sometimes after a system restart, the camera is not available. That’s why I wanted official integration.

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