ONVIF camera not playing when clicking it open

I have two cameras, added via ONVIF.

First one is my Amcrest doorbell and works as intended.
When I click on it, it opens the stream full size.

The second one is a Hikvision.
The snapshot refreshes every 10 seconds, but when I click it open, the stream doesn’t start.
This is in Chrome:

I also tried in Firefox.
There it starts playing and I can hear the audio, but the video stays black:

The stream does work in the Android app though!
There I can view and listen to the Hikvision camera.

Any ideas how to fix this?

EDIT: I’ve disabled “preload stream” in the meantime, as it was killing my phone battery.

It’s probably recording with the h.265 codec, it’s not supported by stream in most browsers. Set a substream to h.264.

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It is, good catch!
I never realized browsers didn’t support h.265 yet.
I was using it so save some space on the internal sd card.

It’s supported by the browsers, the stream component doesn’t yet support them.