ONVIF Intergration - Suddenly not working after latest update

Hi all,

Hope someone can help. I have the ONVIF integration which was working perfectly with my Hikvision NVR.

Since the latest update it won’t connect. It says “Attention required”, I click he reconfigure button - enter the username and password and it says “Re-authentication was successful”.

About a second later I get “Failed to set up: Auth Failed: The device is locked because of entering wrong username/password many times. Please try it after 30 minutes! (code:soap:Sender)”

I have removed the integration and re-added it - but it still does the same thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Make sure the user you are using has administrator permissions. Some of the hikvisions need that to work correctly

I’ve the same problem. I don’t understand if I should use the username and password from hikvision login or the username and password from the Integration Protocol window.

It should be the integration protocol window

Ok - so it ended up being that the Hikvision NVR was set to use Daylight Savings time - we don’t have Daylight Savings in South Africa, so because of the time difference the login token was always outdated. Silly mistake but hopefully help someone out there.

Thanks for the input.


Just created account to thank you for this message. Spent 2 days trying to resolve this issue and the problem was time difference