ONVIF Picture card - Glance - Strange lines


I’m getting this on the “snapshots” that the camera picture glance card is providing.

I have two wireless cameras. One is perfect the other does this, they are different makes. It seems to be better when the night mode has started. When you click on the stream, and watch it, it is perfect.

The cameras feed runs into Motioneye and that is perfect. I cannot find what this problem is called, and why its happening, so I’m hoping some knowledgeable folks here will be able to point me in the right direction.

The problem appears at a random part of the frame, but always the same kind of error.



There is an issue with onvif cameras that is leaking memory. May be related, may not be.

Thanks for your reply, I don’t think its that, its been doing it at least since 0.105.0