ONVIF with go2rtc changes entity_id on reboot/reload

Hi all. I’m trying to automate recordings from Aqara G2H and G2H Pro cameras into Home Assistant. I have them integrated through Homekit, but they cannot record through the camera_record service.
To try and get around this, I added them to go2rtc using hass as the source:

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2HPro-19A8

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2H-82F1

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2H-8722

        - rtsp://*****:*****@

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2HPro-6C9C

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2HPro-7035

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2HPro-EFFC

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2HPro-8DD5

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2HPro-1832

        - hass:Camera-Hub-G2H-8B77	

After this, I create entities for them using the ONVIF integration:

This creates a single device with camera entities for all cameras. This lets me record from all of these cameras, but the streams on the regular G2H are choppy and glitchy, but for what it’s for, it works.

The problem is that when I reboot Home Assistant, the entity_id’s get shuffled between all streams, i.e., I’ll have stream “d_ent” with the correct name and camera, but the entity_id will have changed to some other stream’s entity_id, like “camera.onvif_c_op_z1”.

Also, go2rtc will pick up the ONVIF camera entities and automatically integrate them, creating duplicates that also get added with suffixes to the ONVIF integration on reload:

Has anyone faced this issue? I cannot use individual ONVIF integrations for each camera since I cannot separate them in go2rtc,right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Has anyone faced this?