Open a web browser from the web interface?

Is there a web browser add-on I can open from a remote web interface? In other words I need to browse to a machine in my home from the HA OS view (I don’t have a VPN setup yet).

Create a view with a panel and a single Webpage card on.

RAW Lovelace config:

  - panel: true
    title: My Host
    path: myhost
    icon: ''
    badges: []
      - type: iframe
        aspect_ratio: 100%

Right; my problem is I’m trying to access a non-ssl device (namely, my router). I see you must use https to access anything, as I’m using ssl duckdns to access my HA OS host.
Wonder why there is this restriction??

In general: You don’t. In my case, it works with http:// as my Home Assistant instance itself is running on http-only (and therefore not public). Browser settings will however prevent calling http resources from a https context.

Keep in mind an iframe won’t create a proxy.
Your 3rd party web interface must be available on its own if, e.g., you want to access it from internet.


@starmanj Exactly this. You wont be able to punch a hole through your home network’s firewall with this. (Nor do you want it to be possible. - IT Security) For what I strongly suspect you’re asking you’ll need a VPN or some other remote access solution.

Ahh. Thank you for explanation. The Iframe is sourced from me, not the HASS host.
Ironically I’m trying to punch through my firewall (I’m remote) to access my router so that I can port forward to my VPN which I just created. Guess I’ll have to wait until I’m home again to do this…

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There now is this awesome addon by @Mincka.


thank you!! that’s perfect !