Open AI Conversation Agent is too quiet


I`m using Open Ai Conversation as conversation agent and faster-whipser as stt and Piper as tts.

I´ve set up an Raspberry Pi 2W with an ReSpeaker 2Mic HAT as Wyoming Satellite like in this tutorial: Wyoming Satellite and connected an speaker through the audio jack.

The problem is when I´m using “Open AI Conversation” instead of “Home Assistant” as conversation agent the audio feedback is so quiet that I can´t hear a thing.
When I switch back to “Home Assistant” the voice is loud and clear.

I tried to set “snd-volume-multiplier” to 10 in the wyoming-satellite.service settings with nearly no effect.

Did someone have an idea how to fix this?

Thanks for help,

I don’t have an answer but it’s “quiet”, not “quite” :wink:

Ah, thanks, bad typo. I corrected it.