Open android app

Hey @dshokouhi , I have a question

This code:

- action: "URI"
  title: "Open Twitter"
  # Name of package for application you would like to open
  uri: "app://"

Can in only be used from within an action from the push notification?
Actually I want to open an android app when I for example start a script or automation. Is that possible?
If not possible, can it be launched for example silently without clicking any action, so just upon receiving a notification?


yes you can use command_activity to be able to launch an app

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Aha, interesting, thnx , I’ll have a look

@dshokouhi , works perfect!!

Question, can i combine these 2 in one service? Or do i need to send 2 notifications ? Because the message is different ?

push message 1: opens an app in background

  - service: notify.mobile_app_fabio_ha_client
      message: command_activity
        tag: android.intent.action.MAIN

push message 2: sends me a snapshot

  - service: notify.mobile_app_fabio_ha_client
      title: "Deurbel"
      message: "Er staat iemand aan de deur!"
        channel: Deurbel
        clickAction: !secret camera_url # action when clicking main notification
          - action:  deur_open
            title: "Open Deur!"   
        image: !secret snapshot_buiten_deurbel_webhook
        priority: high
        ttl: 0