Open custom card from icon in Floorplan

It has been so long since I made my floorplan or any serious changes that I am not sure where to start.

I am adding OpenSprinkler to my HA (and the associated card) and wanted to be able to access from my Floorplan.

Can I or how can I access a custom card (custom:opensprinkler-card) from an icon push on the floorplan?

I have an icon added in the floorplan.svg labelled custom:opensprinkler-card and have it referenced within the floorplan section of the raw configuration.

Any ideas?

    - element: custom:opensprinkler-card
      entity: custom:opensprinkler-card
      more_info: true
    - entities:
        - camera.hall_tab
        - camera.driveway
        - camera.bporch
        - camera.backyard
        - camera.by2
        - camera.driveway
        - camera.driveway2
        - camera.east
        - camera.ktab
        - camera.fporch
        - camera.garage
        - camera.kcam
        - camera.lr2
        - camera.sanctum
        - camera.by_se
        - camera.by_nw
        - camera.octoprint
      more_info: true
        - class: camera-off
          state: away
        - class: camera-on
          state: idle
  stylesheet: /local/floorplan/floorplan/floorplan.css?v=1.1.14
title: Floorplan
type: custom:floorplan-card

I may have figured part of it out. I went back and added more icons to represent major areas and used the sensor for each valve. Now I can see the status/history but still have not found how to trigger these.

Sorry way old but you just need to use the tap_action option. Usage - Floorplan for Home Assistant

Thanks, I might go back and try that… never really explored the additional action types. I made switches for each zone and remapped the icons to them. I really only use my floorplan for at-a-glance motion or camera use and the occasional switch control (lights/fans, etc). When I am trying to do anything else or need details I still have the full state cards.