Open garage after entering zone but…

Hi all, after some advice on the best way to implement this automation.

If tracker enter’s home zone and within the next 2 mins the driveway sensor is trigger, open garage door, otherwise we ignore it. Would adding a condition work for the checking the driveway sensor, just not sure how you could do a wait for an additional trigger?


Hi, in the action part of your automation:

  - type: motion
    platform: device
    device_id: <driveway sensor>
    entity_id: <driveway sensor>
    domain: binary_sensor
continue_on_timeout: false
  hours: 0
  minutes: 2
  seconds: 0
  milliseconds: 0

perfect, thanks nick

  • How far away from your home do you enter the ‘home zone’?
  • What exactly is the ‘driveway sensor’ and is it activated exclusively by your vehicle or any vehicle?

Worst case scenario: the home zone is large and any vehicle activates the driveway sensor; garage door opens when anyone else is on your driveway while you are anywhere in the home zone.

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