Open Garage when near

HI all I am new to HA and am trying to setup a simple automation to OPEN my garage when I enter my home zone and close when I leave. I have integrated the Tesla into HA and use its GPS tracker bt I see that it is inconsistent. SOmetimes it closed quickly when leaving the zone and sometimes it doesnt. The same for entering the zone.

I was wondering if anyone has experience and how it might be tweaked to be a bit more responsive and stabile?

I recently added 4 triggers for this. I have :
1 : Zone trigger when person.tesla leaves zone.home ( this user has the GPS of the tesla integration linked to it
2: Device Trigger when the car tracker leaves a zone
3: Zone trigger : when the WIFI of the car leaves the home zone (
4: Zone trigger : then the car device.tracker leaves the home zone

Any suggestions are appreciated.