Open Guest-User Dashboard Skip Login Page

Hi together!
Happy new Year :wink:

I built a separate dashboard wich is the only one my user guest can see.
I put into Kiosk mode. β†’ Works great!!

But now the Problem:

I just want to skip the Login page for guests in my network.
Maybe I can create a separate guest network!

Is it possible to have an extra URL only for user guest without Login Page?

It would be very nice so I can put a QR Code in my Guestroom and they can scan and control simple things very easy.

Its only for friends, so security is not so important.

I wrote this, but not testet, because I’m afraid of closing my door :door:

  - type: trusted_networks
    trusted_users: GuestUserID
    allow_bypass_login: true
  - type: homeassistant


Hi there. Did you ever figure this out. I’d also like to have a way for guests to scan a QR code to access a dashboard from their phone’s browser without having to login to anything.