Open hardware development

Hi all,

When looking for a new hobby project, I came across home assistant.
It’s quite impressive what home assistant and open source SW can do, but I’m missing the open hardware part.

If there is already such kind of platform? please let me know.

So my goal is to develop an open hardware platform based on the Raspberry Pi compute module.
This includes schematic and PCB design.

My requirements are:

  1. Reliability
    A system lockup may not lead to malfunctioning wall switches in the house etc. Possible a hardware watchdog with 2nd controller to catch these situations. Each extendable module should have it’s own processing unit for the same reason.
  2. DIN rail mounting
  3. Open alternative for commercial home automation systems.
  4. Extendable with different I/O modules.
  5. Wire connected sensors and actuators with an open standard (bus system). KNX is closed, so I came up with Modbus (RS485), maybe there is a better one out there too?
  6. Digital inputs for regular pushbuttons.
  7. Digital outputs (including relays).
  8. 0-10V in and outputs (for LED dimming controllers for example)
  9. Optionally an RF transceiver for wireless nodes.

So what do you guys think of this idea? Are there some popular interfaces you miss?
Any feedback is welcome!

I understand your goal to do everything open source but your phrase here is non-sense as Raspberry is not open source, and chips in it use some binary blobs completely closed !! You’ll get a pretty hard job to find really open-source hardware (as most times firmwares for wifi chips and similar are completely closed by manufacturers…