Open History instead of entity status in Lovelace

How do I make clicking on entity automatically show History instead of its status?
I need to see this:

Instead of this:

It’s just the matter of better convenience, clicking History icon takes extra time :smile:



It used to be the tap_action using more-info as action.

But this is opening what you don’t want now.

So, I’d recommande asking a new feature and add an additional action in the existing list ( more-info , toggle , call-service , navigate , url , none) like history

It should be available as a default setting option for all entities, as setting tap_action individually for all entities will be even more time consuming.

Default action is more-info.
more-info changed a few month ago (and ongoing with alarm, cover, and fan in 2023.4.x).
It is unlikely that there will be a consensus to modify the default action.

Personally, I appreciate the ability to control the tilt of my shades simply by clicking on the entity.

I have a bunch if entities that are simple On/Off switches and when I click the names, I just need to see the history, whereas controlling of those entities is possible directly form Lovelace.

Still is is a new feature.
Ask for default action to be the history for on/off entities and vote for it.
Who knows …

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I think that default function is not a problem at all, it’s ok to be “toggle” (or whatever entity offers…). The problem is LACKING of possibility to choose tap action as “show history”. I miss that, too. There should be a new option for ”tap_action: show_histoy” or similar.