Open IOS App with Lovelace path


Wonder if its possible in some way to have IOS APP to jump to specfic Lovelace path.

My use case is I would like to create some IOS shortcuts to open APP and go to a specific view like TV-Remote or Music control. etc.
i.e. if I just want to change volume on TV it can sometimes be a bit cumbersome to open APP then navigate to my tablet Lovelace panel and from there navigate to the TV Remote view.

I have noticed when I create a IOS shortcut for companion APP, I am able to call services, scenes etc, but can’t figure out any way to jump to specific url path. like …8123:/tablet/tv-remote…

Would it be possible to call a service and script within App to navigate to Lovelace path…

It is not currently possible to launch the app externally to a specific URL. You can do this via a push notification using the url key. Asking for a way to open it directly to a relative path e.g. via homeassistant:// would be a good feature request to put into GitHub.

Thank you. I will try to address both suggestions.