Open-Meteo integration - access values for statistics graph?

I set up the Open-Meteo integration for my region, and I was trying to use the Temperature it shows on the dashboard card for a statistics graph. It seems though that none of the values from the integration are available for further processing, except “weather.<ID>”, which encodes the current weather condition.

The diagnostics export shows more data besides the forecast values, like

  "data": {
    "current_weather": {
      "time": "2022-07-17T22:00:00",
      "wind_speed": 10.8,
      "wind_direction": 111,
      "temperature": 20.6,
      "weather_code": 3

…so, how can I get at any of those? Or would the Open-Meteo integration have to do something different to make them available?

(I’m new to Home Assistant and I don’t currently have a good grasp of the capabilities.)

Apparently, the way to do something like this is using a template:

    - sensor:
        - name: "OpenMeteo Temperature"
          unit_of_measurement: '°C'
          state_class: 'measurement'
          state: "{{ state_attr('weather.<id>', 'temperature') }}"