Open multiple lights from core button

Hallo, i have a system with ΚΝΧ & DALI.

3 DALI ABB Devices, 1 per floor with 1st floor 21 balast, 2nd floor 34 and 3d with 31.

Home assistant controling everything fine when open dali lights one by one.

When we turn on the lights from the central button, some of them do not turn on. It is a random order which ones will open.

Τhe commands come to the ETS from HA but nothing happens.
If we make a group address with this lights inside ETS and send 1 from KNX all lights are open.
Something goes wrong when the command comes from HA to KNX and then to DALI.

Has anyone faced a similar problem?

DALI does not like alot of lights to be turned on at once by addressing each lamp. You will need to create a group within DALI and add the lights you want to turn on/off.

And if it works with 1 group within KNX, why not use that group address for HA to talk to?

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Βecause if you want to make a scene it’s much easier from HA. We don’t want only on/off lights.
Other solution for scene is making at ABB but we have only 16 scene’s.