Open Slot Mailbox Sensor

I have a mailbox that has an open slot that I would like to add a sensor to to detect new mail. As there is no flap that is opened when mail is posted, I don’t think I can use something like a reed sensor. I thought about using something kind of pressure sensor on the floor inside the mailbox, just sometimes large envelopes (or junk mail) is shoved in and doesn’t nesessarily rest on the inside.

Appreciate any ideas people might have for something that would work reliably.

I am planning the same thing and bought a switch like this. I haven’t installed it yet so can’t say how well it works. The plan is to position the spring such that letters will trigger it as they pass through the slot.

Oooh I like the look of that. Do you have a part number or link to where i could order one to play with?

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