Open-source No-code Edge AI Vision Tool based on Node-RED

Hi Home Assistant Community,

This is Elaine from Seeed Studio(an open-source AIoT hardware platform). Recently we are developing an open-source No-code Edge AI Vision Tool based on Node-RED. Please check out our project GitHub - Seeed-Studio/node-red-contrib-ml: Get started with AI vision at the edge with no coding experience at all!

Hope we can bring more AIOT possibilities! Current the tool is based on Node-RED and supports the edge devices of NVIDIA Jetson Nano. We are also working on Xavier NX.

We would like to invite the community to have a try on our no-code edge AI tool and join our project development. Hope to align with community experts for co-delivering AI + IoT at the Edge!

Here is a demo video No Code Edge AI Tool Application: Warehouse Security Demo - YouTube

Let us know if you find it interesting! Please contact [email protected] or DM me(twitter@iamelainewu) if you need more information!

The majority of users on an sbc here, are on a pi. In other words, is the only way this works is with that hardware?

Are you working on integration with HA?

I have Jetson Nano 4GB and would love to have GPU-accelerated object and face detection on video streams.