Open source Sub-GHz stack integration with Home Assistant

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Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow (30th of September) at 17:00 CET I will be presenting a webinar on how to enable communication in sub-optimal environments.

This is using Sub-IoT, an open source sub-GHz stack which combines a 3rd party open source LoRaWAN stack and a custom-made DASH7 stack, which can transmit at an average of 500 meters with very low latency. This seems optimal for any home-related projects as there will never be a need for a repeater of some sorts.

Therefor I integrated it with Home Assistant using mqtt! In the example, I will show you what the stack is capable of and how to integrate it. The slides and code will also be available afterwards. You can register here: DASH7 September Webinar - Crowdcast

If you have any questions/remarks, shoot!