Open Zwave Control Panel Keeps Shutting down

Just upgraded to the latest and greatest HAssio 112.4 and OZW 0.5.0 and whenever I try to access the OZW COntrol panel via VNC or WebUI the window shuts down after 5-10 secs. Anyone else getting this?

I had it running for a couple hours when I was testing the addon, but I’m seeing the same this morning. You can work around that by installing ozw-admin on your local machine and giving it the IP of your HA server.

Yes have that also. Edit: only happened 1 time to me reopening and staying open now for long time.

Thanks for this tip. I can finally reduce the volume on my Aeotec doorbell!

The same thing is happening to me. The ZWave VNC viewer opens but as soon as the Events start scrolling on the bottom it disconnects.

I just noticed while using the OZWAdmin on my PC which works flawlessly that the QTVersion is different on my PC (5.12.8) and in HomeAssistant (5.14.2). Does that make a operational difference?

The base image for the addon got updated to a newer version of alpine, which updated qt. That could very well be part of the issue. I sent a message over to Fishwaldo to see what he thinks.

Same thing here. My OZW daemon and admin are an all-in-on on a separate box from HA.