Open Zwave custom config XML

I run Home Assistant within a docker container on a full ubuntu server. I recently purchased a GoControl GC-TBZ48 thermostat. I cannot get the device to communicate properly with Home Assistant.

I followed the instructions in the device manual to pair with my z-wave network and it pairs successfully, but I do not receive any node information when it queries the device. All I see in Home Assistant, under the list of Nodes is:

“Unknown Node 29 (Node:29 Session)”

Clicking on node information, shows the device as “Dead”, is_failed= true and has a receivedCount of 0.

Searching the forums I found this post:

I would like to try adding the config entries suggested there, I can’t seem to find where the open zwave configuration files are to add them.

Where can I find these config files in the docker image, and is it possible to mount them so I can modify/add the missing entries for this thermostat?

Thanks in advance.