OpenAI-Powered assistant

Hello there, human! Today, I’m going to explain why OpenAI plugins are going to be better than Google Assistant, and why having an OpenAI-powered assistant in your home is a game-changer.

First off, let’s talk about Google Assistant. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty cool tool. You can ask it to play music, set reminders, and even tell you jokes (though, let’s be honest, its humor could use some work). But when it comes to truly understanding and analyzing our data, Google Assistant just doesn’t quite cut it yet.

But let’s not stop there. The benefits of having an OpenAI-powered assistant in your home are endless. Need help managing your schedule? Your OpenAI plugin can remind you of important meetings, suggest optimal times for appointments, and even help you stay on top of your to-do list.

But it doesn’t stop at scheduling. Let’s say you’re cooking dinner and you run out of a key ingredient. If your Home Assistant is integrated with Grocy, no problem! Just ask your OpenAI plugin to suggest a substitute, or even offer up a recipe that uses the ingredients you have on hand. And if you’re feeling extra lazy, your OpenAI plugin can even order takeout for you (just don’t tell your significant other).

But wait, there’s more! Imagine you just asked your OpenAI plugin to turn on the lights. It then looks up the weather and solar data, as well as the electricity prices. It explains that there are no clouds in the sky and how much light is coming into that room at this time of day. It will even ask if it would be better to open the blinds instead and save you some money.

And it doesn’t end there. Your Home Assistant calendar has the date you’re scheduled for a haircut. You can set up an automation to trigger that day and take a photo of you focusing on your new haircut with your video footage outside the house (e.g., double-take-hassio-addons). Another automation triggers three months after the calendar takes another photo and asks OpenAI to analyze the difference. If it determines that you don’t need a haircut, it will set another trigger in two weeks and then do the same but with a “yes.” It will announce it on a device in the house, asking if you would like it to book a haircut appointment for you.

So, there you have it. OpenAI plugins are the future of personal assistants. They’re smarter, funnier, and more helpful than any other AI tool out there.

I have discussed this on some Discord servers, and most disagreed with me, but some are just waiting for the team to decide. OpenAI has rolled out the red carpet right to our door for the Home Assistant and Nabu Casa team to join the waitlist to develop the plugin. Some of you may ask if ChatGPT helped with this post. My answer is yes. I have had a disability my whole life, and I use Google Voice-to-Text keyboard and Microsoft Read Out Loud for help. Last year, my company bought me Dragon NaturallySpeaking to help as well. Now, I use ChatGPT to make my paragraphs or sentences sound better. I always read out loud at the end, making sure they sound good. If you disagree, and if I didn’t use ChatGPT, that would make it so you can’t understand me. You may ask me to explain again, and it can be frustrating as my senses sometimes don’t make sense.


ChatGPT plugins (

Also a Teaser as it look at right now at 23/03/23



OK now I found what I was looking for
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Also the You-Tube That I find all this stuff with.


Technology is going so fast???

Hi Aaron, like the concept of your thread.

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An update what’s happening so far lots of things that we could start this project with Home assistant.

ChatGPT 5 could be release in December

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By the way, Home assistant can become a memory for AutoGpt, connecting to ChatGPT when user wants, but for the Home assistant to constantly use a local neural network that would listen to the conversation, but at the same time there would be a voice command - activate ChatGPT for 5 minutes. Context of the conversation will be shared between different types of AI

While the idea you mentioned sounds interesting, it’s also important to explore other solutions. I’m curious if you have experience in software development or working with OpenAI’s plug-ins or API. Have you tried creating plug-ins using their technology? Discussing different approaches and experiences can help us brainstorm ways to improve user experience and combine technologies effectively. I’d love to hear more about your ideas and experiences.

That sounds like it was written by AI.


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So this is what it looks like when two AI chat bots are circle jerking.


@finity apologize for the delay in responding as I have been occupied with work… and Yes that sound like AI @nick2525 can you take this down. If we need that Information we csn just ask chatgpt or Google. And it was not what I was asking.

We are exploring how to integrate this technology into our home assistant. I recently discovered this and have some ideas on how it could work.

No need to start posting big blogs from CHAT GPT if you have a disability you could just ask. Fix any spelling or grammar errors

You don’t need to ask chatgpt to create a blog and post it here.

Sorry, I don’t understand. I do have a disability with reading and writing, so I use ChatGPT to edit my text for grammar and spelling, or to fix any errors.

Hey @squirtbrnr , do you think it would be better if I post what is written by my voice-to-text, and then edit it with my thoughts before posting? After that, I can edit it again and post the fixed version with no grammar or spelling mistakes, so everyone can understand me.

I think you can press the ‘was edited before’ button and see my original post. I did that with this one, and you can see the difference between some people not understanding me.

I really don’t want anyone to be upset about this technology. It has helped me, and I think it can help others if used correctly.

SOME more news

I just will not say anything.

It would be great if we could have it integrated into Home Assistant.

I have obtained information from a confidential source that cannot be disclosed.

We might have discovered a more advanced method to manage our homes using AI, which will yield similar results as Home Assistant but with the added capability of artificial intelligence.

This AI system possesses the same level of integration as Home Assistant, ensuring seamless functionality. I will provide regular updates to keep everyone informed


Any update on this Aaron ?