[openautopro] integration

hi there community,

i am running a HA instance on a raspi4 in my van and in addition to that i use another raspi with 10inch qled display as navigation / android auto - which is powered by bluewave studios openautopro platform (OAP)

OAP has a protocolbuffer based API which i would love to directly integrate into HA

  • GitHub - bluewave-studio/openauto-pro-api: OpenAuto Pro API is the homebase of the API project
  • i would need some help from an experienced HA integration/add-on developer to make this happen => i could do it by myself but my proefssional software development is several years ago :wink: => so I would have a steep learning curve

so it would be much cooler and easier if someone would join me to make this happen => as there is already python example code on the github project I think it should be minimal effort to craft a proper HA integration / addon

anyone ineterested ?
cheerz from vienna,