Opencv on raspberry pi integrating in home assistant


First time here. I have a question about the opencv integration for home assistant (as found on the official home assistant web-page).

I am running Home assistant supervisor inside Docker on a raspberry pi 4. I managed to set up Open CV on the raspberry pi with face recognition: it detects and does recognize my face. I thought I could set up openCV in home assistant by entering the following in my configuration.yaml file (just like the integration said):


  • platform: opencv
    • entity_id: camera.front_door
      mom: /path/to/classifier.xml

For the classifier I made a file and linked to it. The file contains the haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml found on

But after rebooting home assistant there is no OpenCV/‘camera front door’ visible as entity or something else. In the log it just says: “No OpenCV library found! Install or compile for your system following instructions here:

So probably home assistant is unable to find the openCV on my raspberry. Unfortunately I do not now how to make it so that it does. A google search did not help me any further.

Does anyone know how I could get it to work?

Thanks in advance!