Has anyone been able to successfully setup opengarage cover component? I’ve just received an opengarage device and got it successfully configured on my network. I can interface with it fine from a windows PC.

I’ve had no luck loading it into home assistant, however. When HASS starts up, I get this error in my log:

2017-09-06 15:13:49 ERROR (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.cover.opengarage] Unable to connect to OpenGarage device: HTTPConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=80): Max retries exceeded with url: /jc (Caused by NewConnectionError(’<requests.packages.urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x6dcb0290>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 113] No route to host’,))

The ‘no route to host’ seems a bit odd to me. All devices are on the same /24 network and using static IPs, and like I mentioned I can get to its web interface fine. HASS is also connecting to other IP devices on the same network OK, such as cameras and plex.

Here is the section from my configuration.yaml file:

platform: opengarage
device_key: opendoor
name: Garage

Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve have 2 of them and they are working fine. From your hass device can you ping the open garage device? From time to time I see that error, but it works fine. My guess is that open garage being an esp8266 device can’t handle the constant polling from HA.

Hers my config if you want to see:

@chriskacerguis Thanks for linking to your github configs. Quite a few useful examples there!

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Hey Chris, just curious what issues you’re having with OpenGarage? I’m looking to buy a couple.

It was constantly spewing timeout errors. Then eventually they just died.

Well darn, that’s a shame. Seemed like a decent solution for the price.

Yeah, I was really bummed out. My guess is that the polling from HA is too much for the device to handle (and/or there is a bug in the software).

I have two of these installed and after a bit of stuff around they now work ok.

I did have issues initially where the in/out of garage vehicle polling would constantly read wrong. When the car was in the garage, it would say the distance was 50% less than the real distance, and then when the car wasn’t in the garage, it alternate between 1m (car in) and 2.2m (car out). So not real usable. I couldn’t adjust the distance threshold as the value it registered during car out, was less than when the car was in. With HA I could map this behaviour and the pattern trended with the temperature. On a warm day, it was 80% good, and then went down to 80% bad readings on a cold day. Both units did exactly the samething, however one was much worse then the other. I tried stuffing around with placement to make sure it was exactly in the center of the roof above the cars to no avail.

Ended up being suspect of the PSU. They suggest on the website, any old 500ma PSU will do. I am unsure as to whether it was a bad PSU (affected by temperature), or an issue with the voltage/current being put out. But replacing the USB charger with a dual 2x2.1A unit has completely resolved the issue.

I would suggest if you are having issues with connectivity it might be wireless coverage related. As with anything with a tiny antenna you’ll really struggle to get a signal back to the AP. Turning up the power to improve the received signal strength doesnt help in this regard. I had to install a second AP in the front of my house to stop my wemo plugs constantly dropping off.

Pics of them in action:



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Sad to hear you’re having that problem. My OpenGarage has generally been working fine with HA for the last few months.

It might be worth upgrading the firmware on them if you never have.

The only issue I’ve had is occasionally the temperature sensor I’ve hooked up (Just a spare DHT11) will stop reporting, but I’d been a bit mean and I think set it to report every 30 seconds via MQTT.

I also occasionally get false reports that the garage is opening, but that’s because of the magnetic sensor I’ve got not always making contact. Most people here are using the HC-SR04 I think though.

I’m having some problems with my OpenGarage having sporadic inaccurate readings. I replaced the plug with a 2.4 amp to see if it was a power issue, but it still happens. Next I’m going to reduce the workload on it by disabling the Home Assistant component and just keep an eye on it in the Blynk app. We’ll see how it goes.