openHAB and Home Assistant

Hi Guys,

I have a youtube channel which is focused on Technology, but specifically Home Automation. I have worked with many different systems in the past, including my own homemade stuff! I have been using openHAB 2 for the last 6 months to a year and made a number of videos featuring it. (if your interested!)

I have been playing around with HA for about a month now, (not for the first time, but most recently) and I have started working on a video to compare Home Assistant to openHAB and thought I would come here to hear what you all think are some of the best features with Home Assistant.

BTW: I believe these are both great systems (would love to see a plugin/binding to make them talk together).

Happy Automating!


Giving this a bump, looking for anyone that would like to share some benefits of Home Assistant over openHAB.

Did you create a esp8266 button to trigger mqtt commands to hass?