OpenHardwareMonitor Sensor selection

Hi All,
I’d like to know if it is possible to only use certain sensors using the OpenHardwareMonitor? The configuration doesn’t show which resources one can display and I’ve just added a PC and it’s displaying every sensor, which I don’t require


How did you add a pc btw? I can’t get my Pi to recognize it. I’ve let HWM through the firewall and have the server portion up and running but I can’t pull up the IP address on a web page other than the host PC.

Though if I did ever get it running it’d be nice to have an answer to your question!

You have to ensure that the web server is enabled, its default port on the PC is 8085. Can you telnet to the device on that port?
My config on the Pi is as follows:

# OpenHardware Monitor #
  - platform: openhardwaremonitor
    host: x.x.x.x

Yeah I need to try some more things. I just can’t access the IP address and the port. For example on another pc on the same local network if I type in, I can’t get into the server. But on the computer hosting the server that works. Not quite sure why. The program itself recommends letting it through my firewall, not sure why I’d even need to but I have and that hasn’t helped…

Try disable Windows firewall temporarily and try access the site from the remote host. If that doesn’t work, maybe its a firewall setting on your router

Having the same issue … disabling windows firewall solve it. if I figure how to make it work with windows fire wall will post here

Hey MichaelSchemmer,

Did you ever determine how to specify which sensor data to receive?

It does not look like there is a filer option in that component: