OpenHASP Sunton not discovered in MQTT

I’m trying to add an Display in Home Assistant using some of the compatible devices of the OpenHASP Project:
Link to the Sunton Display: Sunton Screens - openHASP

The hardware part of the Display is working fine. I have even already added some buttons for testing, and this seems to work fine.
I configured MQTT in the display as below:

After re-starting the Display, I can see the status of the MQTT communication ok:

Also in the MQTT Explorer we see it up and running:
Captura de pantalla 2023-03-09 225512

The problem is that in my MQTT Integration, nothing else than my current HASS.Agent is discovered:
Captura de pantalla 2023-03-09 225748

What I might be doing wrong?

Have you got MQTT discovery turned on in Home Assistant?

Yes, it is enabled in the integration. See below

Ok I don’t have my openhasp device up and running at the moment, but I will drag it out this weekend and remind myself. In the meantime I will, at the risk of breaking the rules, tag in @fvanroie (sorry mate)

Thanks nickrout. Thinking that this could be a bug since this is a beta version in OpenHASP, I´ve also posted this in Github: MQTT Issue with Sunton Display · Issue #444 · HASwitchPlate/openHASP (

Will very much appreciate if you can reply in there.
I hope I´m also not breaking the rule, but at this point I´m not sure if this is a bug or something I´m doing wrong. I can just say that this took already many hours of my sleep time. :tired_face:

Try the discovery command

Publish to your plate with payload discovery

Hi, I tried this but no new device discovered. See the response from Telnet:

MQTT Integration still solid in 1 Device:

I have re-started the integration and later HA just in case…

Do you have HACS and the openHASP custom component installed in Home Assistant?
If so, what’s the version?

Hi fvanroie,
I replied to you on the same thread in Github:
MQTT Issue with Sunton Display · Issue #444 · HASwitchPlate/openHASP (