Opening a different IOS app from within HomeAssistant Companion via a URL Action

I have tried adding a URL action to a button in HomeAssistant to open an IOS app via URL but selecting it does not do anything. I confirmed that I can open actual web pages this way, so it is an issue with the IOS URL concept. The specific app I am trying to open is RoomieRemote. I have verified that the URL (roomie:// ) works from safari to open the Roomie App.

This would allow me to put a RoomieRemote button on my HomeAssistant IOS interface to start RoomieRemote. (I have already added a button in RoomieRemote to start HomeAssistant). This way whether a user starts in HA or Roomie they can do room automation via HA and Media/Video control via Roomie.

Is there a way that I can do this or does the CompanionApp need to be updated to support?

I’m having problems opening URLs if the URL contains any encoding. The URLs that I’m having issues with have query strings with %20 in lieu of a space. When I press the entity button nothing happens in the iOS companion app, but it works fine in a browser. The browser is launched if I remove the %20, but then the parameter being passed is no longer correct.

Is your URL encoded (ie have a % in it)?

Have you resolved the issue? I’m also interested in this :sweat_smile: