Opening a page after pressing of one Button

I want to create a Dashboard page for my Android TV applications. This page contains buttons to launch different Android TV applications, via Deeplinks. I want to open a remote control sub-page after pressing an application application launching button.

As the remote control is always the same, I always want to open the same sub-page after launching the application.

I know that normally I have to write a script for the button, but I need to write a script if any button of a specific card is pressed, the sub-page opens.

I am new in the Homeassistant world and I call here for help.

Thanks for your support.

Unfortunately that isn’t easy to solve, as there is no service to call from a script, that would navigate anywhere.

And as you can only set one action (like calling a script) in the tap_action of the button, I’d only know some “hacky” ways around this limitation.

The part where the button calls the script and sends some additional data to it is not a problem, but the navigation to the sub page is not easily set up.

See this post, where it get’s solved by using button-card instead of the standard button from HA. The post afterwards does the same by using browser_mod. Both solutions should still work, but as I said, you need an extra component (button-card or browser_mod).

See here: