Opening the app causes the underlying lovelace card to receive a tap


Working with Core 2024.4.3, OS 11.5, App 2024.1.5.

On the home screen of my Android phone, the Home Assistant app icon launcher is located at the bottom of the screen.

If the Home Assistant app is open, there is an entity card that occupies the bottom of the screen.

The problem is: when I tap the icon to launch the Home Assistant app, that tap “bleeds through” into the app and that also taps the entity card that occupies the bottom row of the screen. Ie. even though I tap once, the result is like a double tap: once to open the app, and again at the same location when the app is open.

Does anyone else have this problem and know of a solution?

First of all, update your OS !, And you App

If the “issue” still is there, take screen shots/pics which visibly shows what you mean, thanks

Also which Android and WebView versions are you running ?