OpenMediaVault integration


yes, the IP is correct. But it cannot be reached via ping.
A ping and the setup via port forwarding and dyndns works.
It is probably due to the VM of OMV-KVM, since HASS uses
the network interface of OMV.
I’ll test it out.

Thanks, I hadn’t thought of a ping.



I’ve just installed this integration for my new OMV 6.9.11 (Sheitan) and it’s working fine… except:

  • CPU Load is always = 0
  • CPU Temp is not “available”

Happy New Year!

Hello, I just installed this fantastic hacs, works great, I want a separate user makane for home assistant, who knows what the minimum user rights are?

You have to use build in admin account. This is OMV API limitation.

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oke, thanks

Same here with OMV7. :frowning:

A workaround is to open the folder: your_homeassistant_folder\custom_components\openmediavault
With the help of Visual Studio Code or similar, search through all the files (although there are really 2 [,]): cpuUsage and replace with: cpuUtilization
Save and restart Home Assistant.

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