Openmqttgateway like project with esphome

is it possible to make a openmqttgateway like unit with esphome ?

all this in one ?
anyone tried it ?

I have OMG and it works great but wanted to migrate over to ESPHome so I could get off MQTT and use the API. I tried to get it working last weekend but I am having issues trying to use 433Mhz RF and IR at the same time. Issue is open at this time so hopefully once a fix is found I can carry on testing.

if u were using OMG and was working good then can u guide me too ,
what hardware r u using for OMG or esphome ?
any circuit diagram ?
i have also assembled the circuit available in OMG but cannot use it .

Its complicated. I use a NodeMCU to connect a 433Mhz Transmitter and Receiver, an IR blaster to control my Satellite box and a DHT22 to measure the Temp/Humidity.

The NodeMCU was programmed 18 months+ ago using Arduino IDE and has not been touched since - it is working and trying to get it to compile with an error took a while hence why it has not been updated since.

My only issue with it is with MQTT - if it locks up (which it does now and then) a reboot can cause random firing of the IR blaster which is a pain if you are watching TV at the time and drives my wife and kids mad.

Connecting it up is easy enough but getting it to compile without error is the hard bit. What are you trying to connect up ?

i only want to use esphome for rf receiver and transmitter both at the same time , is there any problem with it or the problem is with ir and rf ?

if only RF then what is the esphome code ?

Here is my 433 and IR code - you can remove the IR part or just leave it and it will still work

  - id: MHZ
    pin: D3
    # RF uses a 100% carrier signal
    carrier_duty_percent: 100%
  - id: IR
    pin: D1
    # IR uses a 50% carrier signal
    carrier_duty_percent: 50%
  - platform: template
    name: esp on
    id: switch1
      - remote_transmitter.transmit_rc_switch_raw:
          transmitter_id: MHZ
          code: '010101010001111100111110'
          protocol: 1
          repeat: 3
  - platform: template
    name: esp off
    id: switch2
      - remote_transmitter.transmit_rc_switch_raw:
          transmitter_id: MHZ
          code: '010101010001111100110110'
          protocol: 1
          repeat: 3

You will also need to scan the 433 using a receiver component

  id: RFRX
  pin: D2
    - rc_switch
   #Settings to optimize recognition of RF devices
  tolerance: 50%
  filter: 250us
  idle: 4ms
  buffer_size: 2kb

I think it’s already done some items with ESPHOME

I wish esphome developers can make it others.

Cheers !!!