OpenMQTTGateway with BME280 Sensor - combined device?

I’m using OpenMQTTGateway (0.9.6) on an ESP32 for a BT to MQTT gateway, and for that it is working well - BT devices are created separately from the the ESP32. I have also connected a BME280 to the ESP32. The sensor is giving correct data, but the values are mixed in with the system values from the ESP32 on the ESP32 device; BME280 sensors are auto generated as ‘sensor.hum’ etc but that’s too generic for me. I would like to:

  1. See the BME280 as its own device
  2. Control the naming of the BME280 sensors, or the device, or both.

Are there OpenMQTTGateway configuration options that can help me with these requests?