OpenUV Unavailable sensor issue

Hello folks,

I’m struggling with this issue randomly happens:

Current UV Index: Unavailable

Logger: homeassistant.components.openuv
Source: components/openuv/ 
Integration: OpenUV (documentation, issues) 
First occurred: 18 marzo 2021, 14:30:08 (16 occurrences) 
Last logged: 11:00:31

Error during uv index data update: Error requesting data from uv: 500, message='Internal Server Error', url=URL(' XX.XXXXXXX&alt=99.0')
Error during uv index data update: Invalid API key
Error during uv index data update: Error requesting data from uv: 503, message='Service Unavailable', url=URL(' XX.XXXXXXX&lng= XX.XXXXXXX&alt=99.0')

Already tried to:

  • Create new OpenUV API;
  • Delete the integration.

Thanks a lot

I also get this error message from time to time (more like once a day) and have just accepted them as the API is busy when the request is made. I assume you are not exceeding your daily API request limit against this site.

Hi @baunan, yes I’m not exceeding my daily API.
Did you found workaround? For example to keep the previous value or to try again to get the value in case of error…

Check for this error at
That is a better “place” to discuss errors like this, you would would be “talking” directly to the developer(s) of the OpenUV integration over there.

Ok, I opened this issue:

No I didn’t. I happen to buy a good weather station which has an UV sensor. So I am just using that one. My call to OpenUV is only dropping out or failing twice a day, so I am quite sure it just a service problem in their end as if I manually ask for an update a few minutes after, then I get a valid feedback. So perhaps change the time you ask for the value to not be excatly on the hour or half hour to see if that helps as it could be that the openuv server is to busy?